Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Skills Course

Is a supplementary, complementary course for school going and out of school youth that covers multiple themes like (Education, livelihoods, WASH) and focuses on experience/project based (club, start back home gardens/ enterprises) learning and stimulates young people to start early if they are to succeed in an ever increasingly complex environment.

Peer Mentoring Circle

To eliminate any health risks, we provide age appropriate health information (HIV/AIDs, SRHR, Menstrual Hygiene Management and ending child marriages) through linking boys and girls to community role models, professionals counsellors, community dialogues, psycho-social support, referrals, advocacy and clubs.

Teacher, parent and Community Training:

We inspire teachers to practice becoming change agents that are persistent and passionate about helping learners to follow their passion in schools and community. We build their capacity to identify, prevent, respond, to all forms of child abuse especially ending child marriages and skill them with ways of widening sources of incomes.

I am Fortunate! Scholarship

We provide school fees packages to some of the children who attend The Skills and Leadership Course while in primary but fail to advance for Universal Secondary Education level