We work with young people with high cognitive abilities to memorize, practice, explore alternatives and adjust. Their brain is still fresh and can easily be influenced by providing several alternatives which is not the case in adults who have already made up their minds about certain choices and decisions.

Inclusive: SHARE is people centered with a mandate to work with able and differently abled children, youth and women. Our programs do target both boys and girls.

SHARE has a zero tolerance for torture, violence, fraud, and bribery.

SHARE Leaves No One Behind as our holistic – 360 approach targets right holders (school going and out of school youths), duty bearer’s/gate keepers (teachers, parents, cultural, religious, traditional, political, community, district technical officials, town council/district technical officers, and lawmakers including the police family and child protection unit

SHAREs model is also:

Highly-replicable and scalable in any country and community in different contexts at different levels.

Sustainable can be implemented through already existing structures as all schools and community

Cost effective through use of existing structure and challenges young people to start now with what (resources) they have.

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