Peer Mentoring Circle

We respond to conflict and teenage pregnancies by providing a combination of healing and resilience by linking youth and women to professionals (health risks, and income generating opportunities), community role models to imagine the possibility of success and build habits of healthy living. This enables them reflect on their current situations hence enable them negotiate to overturn their life journeys by becoming responsible and self-reliant.

Go Getters Course

Attended by learners (school and community level) aged between 10 to 25 years, is a holistic, supplementary, complementary and multi-thematic sectors (Education, livelihoods, health (SRHR, HIV/ADS) food security and Governance- employability and leadership) skills program. It is composed of intentionally selected short, SOFT AND HARD SKILLING (agriculture and non agricultural enterprises) topics that build specific competencies and ignite the passion of pursuing higher goals in life while changing the narrative now. The curriculum is also tailored to suit the learners needs and is based on learner centered approaches where learners fully participate in experience based learning to stimulate their creativity, innovativeness, eliminate health risks while getting prepared to succeed in an ever increasingly complex environment.

The inside school learners are attached to clubs, attend the practical gardening lessons and do have practice attained knowledge through their back home gardens which has resulted into increased participation in agricultural and non agricultural enterprises.

All our lessons incorporate activities which help learners to learn and practice several employability skills (communication, teamwork, decision making, leadership, prioritization, public speaking, research, adaptable, and dependable) a prerequisite current for career and professional growth.

Teacher and parent Training

We inspire teachers to practice becoming change agents that are persistent and passionate about helping learners to follow their passion in schools and community. Parenting is a full time job but due to dynamics, most have diverted from this role and have left their children to be taught by fate. Through capacity building and home visit outreaches, parents are economically empowered with skills of widening sources of incomes, to understand and appreciate their role in nurturing the child’s ambition, identify ways of supporting a child’s learning, and strategies for participation in social economic development agendas.

I am Fortunate! Scholarship

We provide school fees packages to some of the children who attend the Go-Getters Course while in primary but fail to advance to for Universal Secondary Education level.


Training about transformational leadership while emphasizing the pillars of good governance in schools, practicality of laws, out of school, political, cultural and religious leaders.