How/Why Join SHARE


Why Join Share

SHARE grew out of the need to skill and prepare children, youth and women, to ACT TOGETHER to skill them and tap into available opportunities that would help them address poverty, ignorance, disease, food insecurity, and general abuse and violation of human rights.  These violations affect children, youth and women more since Half the world is composed of women – and half the world is under 25 years of age with Uganda having the youngest population globally. This rapidly growing population, is characterised by very high dropout rates at all education levels, high child marriages, no innovation in schools, no employability skills, not motivated teachers hence prepares young people for low skilled jobs, at high risk of contracting disease due to limited knowledge about SRHR, low paying jobs, no potential to create their own jobs which traps most of them in endless cycle of unemployment, poverty, conflict and disease.



  • Benefactors

This category is open to individuals, groups or individual, institutions, and bodies that help further the objectives of SHARE, whether morally, materially, or otherwise. They are non-voting members and are very active in the day to day operations of the organization. SHARE shall provide all accountabilities to them and shall publically recognize them with their approval.

  • Ordinary members

These are voting members by the virtue of payment of subscription and membership fee to the organization. They may be individuals, legally established organisations and networks.

  • Honorary members

These members shall be recommended by the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees given their willingness to become SHARE’s Ambassadors or Patrons. They may donate, support, recommend volunteers/interns, network for and on behalf of SHARE. They shall have no voting powers but may provide free regular consultancy services to SHARE in their areas of professional specialization. They will take on the title of Internal (Ugandan) External (non-Ugandan) Advisors to the Board.

  • Staff
  • Volunteer
  • Intern