1. Scholarships ”I AM FORTUNATE”

We provide one time need based school fees packages to candidate students only studying in our districts of operation who may fail to pay (seat) for the final exams. This may be due to emergencies like the death of parent/guardian, changing living conditions (separation of parents), medical emergency of parent/guardian, emergencies such as floods, insecurity. The objective is to ensure that these learners do not lose their previous investment by failing to seat the end of course exams (UPE at seven (7), UCE at Four (4), UACE at two (2), Tertiary institute – university at three (3) years leading to an increment in completion rates. SHARE staff will scout for such learners towards the end of the year, provide the needed support  and account to our partners.

2. Teacher/Parents Trainings “I AM THE CHANGE THAT I WANT TO SEE”

We inspire teachers to practice becoming change agents that are persistent and passionate about helping learners to follow their passion in schools and community. We build their capacity to identify, prevent, respond, to all forms of child abuse especially ending child marriages, skill them with ways of widening sources of incomes and advocate to parents/guardians to be more responsible in playing their roles.



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