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Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

1. The Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Skills Course (LESC)

Is a supplementary, complementary one year multi-faceted learning curriculum designed for talented young people aged 12 -25 years to start businesses as early , enhance their leadership skills, attain professional networks, overcome all forms of hardships and challenges against all odds.

LESC presents highly interactive, skills-project based modules that emphasize hard skills (craft making, gardening, nature based conservation, art and crafts),  employability skills (vision, goal setting, strategic thinking, decision making, problem solving managing change, team work, communication and exceeding expectations) entrepreneurship skills (financial literacy – business canvas, saving, budgeting, investment), health information. We then provide health mentoring sessions (WASH, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, MHM and Mental health) for disease prevention and health promotion and community role model sessions to nurture a growth mindset and imagine the possibility of success.

2. Sustainable livelihoods

We are leveraging on young people and women’s ability to develop key roles in climate smart (green) actions, behaviors, practices and attitudes to facilitate their engagement with different stakeholders to promote their agenda on agriculture, nature based solutions to climate change, building natural resources, environment, energy, adaptation and mitigation and local governance of natural resources.