About Us


Strengthening Hope and Resilience Empowerment (SHARE)

SHARE supports young people to improve their lives by addressing their most pressing needs, disadvantages within the communities and succeed in the rapid, dynamic employment environment, while empowering women to uplift their socio-economic and political status.


Our programs creates Go-getters that are ready to learn, un-learn, relearn and become ready to negotiate and conquer the world, empower parents to forge new pathways for livelihoods, youth make informed healthy decisions and respond to their poverty situations and for teachers to become change makers.


SHARE grew out of the need to skill and prepare children, youth and women, to ACT TOGETHER to skill them and tap into available opportunities that would help them address poverty, ignorance, disease, food insecurity, and general abuse and violation of human rights.

Our Purpose

Is to provide the 21st education that addresses 21st needs through multiple pathways such as academic, technical, mentorship, vocational skills and employability skills while emphasizing staying healthy and safe.

Organisation Officals

Registration Aspects

SHARE, is first registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee with the Uganda Registrations Services Bureau (Reg. No. 80020000614502) on 26 February 2019

How different

Highly-replicable and scalable. Cost effective and challenges all to start now with what they have. Partially financially sustainable –each school will contribute 30Usd annually in 2023.


A safe world free of poverty, disease and all forms of indignity.


To inspire, nurture and enable women, youth and children to improve their quality of life through empowerment, mentorship, education, capacity building and advocacy.


Raise Responsible Entrepreneurs


Integrity. People Centric. Good Governance. Transparency and Democracy. Learning and Scalability. Togetherness and Humanity (UBUNTU)

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