About Us

SHARE grew out of the need to skill and prepare women, youth and children to tap into opportunities that would emerge from SDG’s. According to the MDG’s report 2014, there was steady progress in the attainment of targets but there were still high cases of insecurity, poverty, disease and general abuse and violation of human rights. These violations affected youth and women more since half the world is composed of women – and half the world is under 25 years of age.

To benefit from the newly launched SDG’s which are largely people centered, people had to be brought at the center hence SHARE’s to work with able and disables children, youth and women. The questions that inform SHARE’s programming include:

  • What skills do young people have to make financial breakthroughs as adults?
  • What opportunities exist in Uganda and how are young people accessing them?
  • How are women skilled to easily embrace their new role as new house hold heads?
  • Given the changing circumstances, high inequalities, would Ugandans be in position to enjoy a healthy life sprout and thrive as entrepreneurs? Were children learning given the very low survival and employability skills leading to low creativity hence very high unemployment rates?

We hope to groom young people into Go-getters that are ready to learn, un-learn, relearn and become ready to negotiate and conquer the world, empower parents to forge new pathways for livelihoods, respond to their poverty situations and for teachers to become change makers. In general SHARE is reducing vulnerabilities that limit the safety, production, healthy living, creativity and innovation of young people and women while creating opportunities to reform lives, support families and improve livelihoods.

Registration Aspects

SHARE, is first registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee with the Uganda Registrations Services Bureau (Reg. No. 80020000614502) on 26 February 2019. Prior to the above amendments, SHARE has been operating as Gwanga Power Uganda (Gwapo-Ug) a registerd National Non Government Organisation with the NGO Board on 26 February 2016 (Reg No. S.5914/12317) and provided a permit to operate nationally indigenous on 10 February 2017, District Based Organisation with Kabarole District Local Government on January 2015 Reg. No. 1017/2015 and as a Community Based Organisation at Rwimi Town Council on September 2014 Reg. No. RWTC/149/14