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SHARE Nurtures Today’s youth how to survive in Today’s gig economy while making informed, healthy choices and decisions.

Youth have the full potential to become the problem solvers and drivers Uganda’s economy. Unfortunately, obstacles such as cultural/traditional/religious norms, low self-esteem, lack of needed skills (digital, technical plus employability) prevent them from achieving this goal. Most of the youth in Uganda are living a life of doom and gloom as they are unemployed, unemployable and do not have skills to start enterprises. These youth have end up becoming drug abusers, teenage parents, joined child marriage, are at a high risk of contaminating HIV/AIDS, and being “used” by politicians during campaigns as their only alternatives. This in turn has become a major concern and frustration for their parents, community members and government due to fear of their children’s (who they had high hopes) inability to break the long standing historical, viscous concerns.



SHARE appreciates the following partners for being part of our skilling journey.